Five Top Photo Editing Tips You Should Know About

It is true that a good picture is worth a thousand words. A photo is also the best way to freeze a moment for future reference. To bring out the best picture, with the use of various software one can do photo editing. Photo editing can be done at the post-processing level. Below are five top photo editing tips you should know about.

Speed up some of the simple processes

Work flow is one of the main issues that are of concern when it comes to photo editing. One of the ways of making photo editing not take a couple of hours is by learning some shortcuts to help ease the whole process. Most will involve using the keyboard functions such as control and shift tabs. This will assist in saving most of the time and hence making photo editing easy. Some other ways of using shortcuts include pressing and holding H to create instant zooming. The hand tool can also be switched by holding the space bar among other ways of creating shortcuts.

Learn to use camera raw filters and lens adjustmentsvuhfdgutrh

One should know how to use their camera as they are making substantial adjustments. For instance, things like contrast and color can be done using the camera calibration panel. The lens correction tab is important for those who use wide angle lenses which may put some areas of the photo out of the image when one uses automatic lens adjustments.

Creating more vivid skies

One can get a boost in contrasting between the blue sky and a cloudy one. One can do so by working on the luminance to darken or brighten the sky. One should, however, use this with caution. This is because overusing it will make the edges of the cloud and other objects intrude into the skies. More to that, one can use other techniques such as the use of the graduated filter to help in boosting clarity and increasing the saturation.

Making photos stylish

Make the photos stylish by working on the contrast panel to adjust the brightness and to make sure the saturation is at negative twenty-five. One can then work on the curves. To complete the editing process, one needs to add another two solid color adjustment layers.

Being selective when working with apply levels

fygyffrgA layer mask is an accompaniment feature of adjustment layers. This is very helpful especially when hiding tweak parts. One can use the brush tool to paint over the parts that are tweaked with black. Using these adjustment layers can mask to do restriction of the effect to certain areas of the images.…